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Digimon Arcana App - Digimon by Inuseiko
Digimon Arcana App - Digimon

Name: Purrsamon
Level: Rookie
Type: Demon Beast
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits


Loves to play pranks on people. Purrsamon is always smiling cheerfully, if you ever make him mad, run fast. His tricks tend to anger other digimon, but if he ever finds a friend, he’ll never leave them.


 Met Kyna in the digital world. He felt bad for the strange hairless digimon wandering lost in the forest and decided to give her a hand. 


Virus Based: Black Cat Slash: Sinks into the shadows, reappearing in the enemy’s blind spot and slashing furiously.

Vaccine Based: Sawtail Slicer: Swing’s tail at the enemy, blades spinning to deal damage.

Data Based: Caterwaul: Unleashes a piercing yowl that temporarily disrupts the enemy's data.

Name: Cosulmon
Level: Fresh
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits
Main attack: Shadow Hack- uncomfortable, slightly squishy balls of concentrated shadow. Not painful, but incredibly uncomfortable to be touched by.

Name: Syantamon
Level: In-Training
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits
Main attack: Tail Mace- swings its tail an an enemy. The spines are covered in a stinging poison. The sting is more painful than the hit.
Digimon Arcana Tamer Application by Inuseiko
Digimon Arcana Tamer Application

Kyna Ridavi
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Hometown: New York, NY, USA


Kyna is a very focused person and she can come off as cold to others. She’s quick to judge things and react accordingly. She’s very cynical and won’t tolerate dumb questions. She cares deeply about her friends and family and will give her all to protect them.

Kyna grew up in a large metropolis, surrounded by other people. This caused her to learn early on, not to trust just anyone. After graduating from college, she struck out on her own to find her life’s purpose. Although she always wanted something exciting to happen in her life, she never expected this.


Kyna struggled through college for a ehile before finally finding her groove. In her junior year, she came back from class one day to find a strange pendant waiting for her. Upon picking it up she was warped into the digital world, where she met a strange cat creature who changed her world

Still in China...Anyone who wants a request or commission done, please send it to my email!
So, I have been in China for a little over a month now. I've finally settled in, gotten my computer up and running and found an apartment and basically have done all my surviving stuff. So now I can get back to doing important things.

Like I said in my last message, please direct all writing and art requests to, since I almost never check my deviantart since i almost never get messages on it
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I like traditional art, but I just switched over to a tablet and I'm super excited. I also like photos.

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Edward is bullied, sarcastic, and, well, depressed. He is a really big book worm and studies often--even when he doesn't need to!
Adam is more of a joker though and while he is expected to do great things, doesn't show any sign of actually going through with them. He is also rich, but does not usually flaunt this fact, since Edward was poor before his mother died, so he's sensitive about things being wasted.
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